Water-Soluble Fertilizer Complement for N-Rich Solutions


UAN-Mate® 4-20-30 is a water-soluble fertilizer formula developed as a complement for N-rich solutions like UAN 32 or 28-0-0-5S. Its NPK formulation also contains secondary nutrients, micronutrients, plus organic acids to promote and increase nutrient absorption. It contains 100% water-soluble orthophosphate readily available to the plant.

UAN-Mate® 4-20-30 formula should be dissolved with water to create a stock solution and then, this stock solution should be mixed with any N-rich solution to create a high-quality balanced formulation. You may also apply UAN-Mate® 4-20-30 as a straight product to concentrate a higher amount of key nutrients into the soil after or before an N-rich liquid fertilizer application. This product is suitable to be used on dryland, flood irrigation or through fertigation either on row crops, vegetables or orchards, as a source of high quality nutrients in one single formulation to supplement any crop nutrition program.

This formulation is powered by RBT® Root Bioenhancer Technology– which is the combination of organic acids in precise balance with inorganic nutrients that boost root biomass development and increase nutrient uptake by an improved interaction between soil and root system. A healthier and well-developed root system will allow to absorb a higher amount of nutrients hence the plant will express its full genetic potential in terms of enhanced growth, higher yields and improved quality on grains or produce.